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How To Measure Your Window For Curtains

This is an easy way to measure your
windows for ready made curtains.





Tips For Measuring Ready Made Curtains. The Easy Way to Make

Sure You Get the Right Size Curtains for Your Window Is Easy.
First Make Sure You Have a Tape Measure and a Pen and Paper

To Write Your Measurements Down So You Do Not For Get.

#1 Measure Your Poll or Track for the Width.

#2 Measure Your Drop. Where You Want The Curtains To Come To.
Do Not Forget If You Have a Radiator Underneath. As You Do Not Want

To Cover This Up, Because All the Hot Air Will Go Up Behind the Curtains

And The Heat From The Radiator Will Be A Waste Of Money. Always Allow

For The 3” Heading Tape or the Ring Tops At the Top So the Measurements

Are Just Right. If You Have Not Put Your Pole Or Track Up. It’s A Good Idea

To Measure the Drop and See If You Can Buy Ready Made Curtains Then

You Will Not Have To Pay To Have Them Altered.

When You Go Shopping For Curtains You Will Have All the Information

You Need. You Will Need to Add about Double for the Width So You’re New

Curtains Have a Nice Gather, This Is If You Are buying 3”tape Top Curtains.

If You Are Buying Ring Top or Eyelet Curtains You Will Need less Gather

For Your Curtains. You Will Be Able To Get Away With Having 1½ Time Instead

Of Double Width Gather Depending On Your Width.

If You Are In Doubt You Can Always Contact Us, And We Will Be Able To Help.

It Could Be With the Size Are with a Design and Colour That You Are Not Sure


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Best Selling Bedlinen Design In May

This Bedlinen has been our best selling design in may.
In This All Over Floral Design In A Modern Slate Colour.







Malton slate has been our best selling design in May.This lovely
all over floral design is quite traditional with a a modern twist in
this modern slate grey and silver with a white back ground.
We have all the matching accessories in this design,the quilt
covers included pillow cases,1 with single and 2 with double,king
and super king,Also available are 2 sizes of filled cushions which
are reversible so you get 2 designs in one,the matching quilted throw
is also reversible.We have matching 3" tape top thermal lined ready made
curtains and even extra pillow case pairs to finish the look.
We think you will agree this is a lovely design in a soft 50% polyester
and 50% cotton fabric,fully washable.

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Thread Count On Sheets & Quilt Covers

Hopefully This May Help With The Explaining Of
Thread Counts.

The More Threads Is Not Always The Best.

This is where it becomes trickier. See it would be simple if all yarns were created equal and therefore, the higher the count, the denser and more durable the fabric, and therefore the higher the quality. This is true in some sense, however, over the years, retailers have cottoned on (get it) to the fact that people expect higher thread counts to be the best, and have started to cheat by using lower quality, thinner yarns and twisting them together to state a higher thread count. A true thread count cannot be achieved over 600 threads per square inch, unless extremely fine thread counts are used or twisted.

So the best thread count, we believe to be between 180 and 600. With long staple (the longer the yarn, the better the quality), 100% cotton yarns, you can achieve a fabulous quality and feel at this level. Anything below 180 will not last as well, and will be thinner. BUT the higher thread counts are not very user friendly as they are like cardboard and do not always feel nice. A friend of mine said he purchased some and he said what a waste of money (£40 each)
I would be gutted if I had paid that for some sheets and did not like them. So just beware thick is not only best.

For normal day to day sheets or quilt covers around 180 thread count is fine, try and get them with percale cotton as this is a lot softer than just normal cotton.

Hope this has helped.

How To Contrast Bedding Sets With Cushions


Contrasting Bedding Sets And
Cushions To Transform The Look
Of My Bedroom.
This Will Help Give Your Bedroom
A Luxurious Feel.






Contrasting bedding sets and duvet sets to cushions is quite simple really you just

Need to know the colours that will contrast with your bedding, a lot of Bedding

Sets now have matching cushions available in the range you will buy, but if you want

A personal look you can add as much or as less as you want.

Its all about your own personal taste? For instance if you go to your local pub or

restaurant you will see colours and designs you would never put together because

These company’s pay a lot of money for designers to do this, and there is nothing

To stop you doing the same to give your bedroom a personal touch.

So just pay attention to what you see when you are out and about and you will get

some really good Ideas that will transform your bedroom.

A lot of people say how many cushions should I have on my bed? Well this is completely

Up to the individual taste, you can add as much colour as you want, I do think having different

Sizes and styles makes it look more luxurious but it’s up to personal taste, it would be a very

Boring world if we all liked the same colours and designs.


Hope this has helped with your design dilemma.

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What Are Flannelette Sheets?

Flannelette sheets and quilt covers are made from 100% brushed cotton fabric.
That will keep you warm all night long.

What are flannelette sheets? Well flannelette sheets are 100% cotton sheets that have been brushed at the factory on a special machine, so it gives the cotton fabric a soft fluffy feel that will help keep you warm all night long.

Other words that can describe the flannelette are brushed cotton and Winceyette.These all mean the same, Winceyette is a word that was used a long time ago but is still used to day, brushed cotton is the most up to date name as it describes the item better.

Which ever name you know it by, one thing is sure, these soft sheets will help you have a lovely nights sleep.

The sheets are best washed first before you use them as it will make them fluffier and soft, plus some factories treat them before they are packed, so they can be packed Easier.

The flannelette is been used to make quilt covers as well now, which have been very popular in the cold winter months. We have a full range of colours in some lovely designs for you to select from, so please take a look, we have some new designs coming in but

These will not be in until September.

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Christmas Quilt Cover Sets

Amazing Sales On Christmas Quilt
Cover Sets And Its Only

Its that time of the year again,we sold over 3000 Christmas quilt cover sets last year,and sold out of a lot of sizes and designs in early October,so we have increased our orders this year,but saying that we have only had the Christmas quilt cover sets in a week and we have sold over 200 already? lets just hope we have enough.
We have some New designs as well this year which look great and have more adult designs in,so all the family can enjoy a Christmas quilt cover in there bedroom this festive time.
We would like to thank all our customers for there support this year as it has been a good year for us,with internet sales going up be more than 30%.

Shimmer Silver Duvet Cover Sets

Very Sorry.
We Are Out Of Stock Of The Bed Runners

To All Customers....

Very sorry we are out of stock of the shimmer bed runner again?
we ordered extra amounts of this but we have still sold out,It took
just 3 days,We are working with the factory to get more in,But its
looking like its going to be the end of April before we have more
stock of this very popular duvet cover set design back in.
We are very sorry about this.
your sales team